San Gabriel Valley Industrial Moving Services

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Top Movers in San Gabriel Valley

One of the most qualified moving companies in the area, Eastern Van Lines specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial moving services. Our team is equipped to provide warehouse and distribution services or moving help of any kind.

You can count us for movers that offer personalized service, and who can customize a moving plan that works within your budget, timeframe, and expectations. Eastern Van Lines has been meeting the region’s relocation needs since 1945, so you can count on us for a seamless, professional move.

Complete Moving and Storage Services in San Gabriel Valley

Moving truckWe employ a qualified and experienced industrial moving team. Eastern Van Lines is, therefore, the most dependable moving services company in the region. Relocating large, heavy equipment and machinery is part of our daily work. We can safely move sensitive high-tech equipment, so it arrives at the new location in the same condition as when we first picked it up. The needs of our industrial customers are fully understood, so the level of assistance is always commensurate with our clients’ expectations.

Eastern Van Lines also serves industrial customers with:

  • Storage of fragile, sensitive items in climate-controlled facilities, so heat or cold damage is never a concern.
  • Safe disposal of outdated or unwanted equipment, with all options considered, including recycling and donating.
  • Liquidation of furniture and equipment to exchange unwanted items for cash and avoid straining landfills.
  • Purge bin rental for a disposal solution that is affordable and provides a place to dispose of trash, with professional drop off and pickup.
  • All the moving help and supplies needed, such as moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape, furniture padding, crates/pallets, ramps, and trucks.

Moving and Storage Tips in San Gabriel County, CA

Packing Tip

Large equipment can often be moved on a pallet or crate. However, most everything else will require boxes, which should be labeled non-fragile and fragile. Examples of fragile items that can be damaged during shipping include electronics and glass. No matter how well you wrap or protect the contents inside, boxes stacked on a pallet must be shrink-wrapped in layers, so moving boxes as a single unit is safe for your contents and the moving company.

Relocation Tip

Planning and preparation should include an inspection of all equipment before hiring a moving company. Also, consider the expenses, have reasonable timeline expectations, and obtain the necessary permits needed to transport heavy equipment. Being prepared ensures a smoother transition and saves your business and a San Gabriel Valley mover valuable time.

Eastern Van Lines Is Ready to Serve Your San Gabriel Valley Business

You can count on Eastern Van Lines for safe, efficient, and cost-effective industrial moving services in San Gabriel Valley, CA. Our experienced relocation team is standing by to provide any kind of moving assistance. For inquiries and moving quotes, call us toll-free at  800-322-3035.