Commercial Moving Services in the San Gabriel Valley

As your business grows and changes, you may find that you need to move to a larger building or open a new location. If your company is moving to or from the San Gabriel Valley area, Eastern Van Lines can help you make it happen safely and efficiently. As a trusted commercial moving, packing, and storage company, we promise our customers an easy customer experience, secure transport, and timely delivery.

Commercial Moving Services

Our professional movers regularly assist companies relocating to various locations, both near and far:


Whether your company is moving to a new building down the street or to another town in your state, Eastern Van Lines can help make it easy and successful.


Relocating your business headquarters to another state? Our moving experts will help you pack, coordinate an efficient transportation plan, and get all of your assets to your new location safely—even coast-to-coast.


Eastern Van Lines goes above and beyond to help your business move anywhere in the world. Our team of movers and packers will help you develop an appropriate plan for international shipping and travel to get your company to its new home.

Our friendly, knowledgeable box and furniture movers can also help you pack up all of your company’s inventory, technology, appliances, office furniture, confidential files, and more, as requested.

If you’d rather have your team pack some or all of your items instead, we can also supply a variety of packing materials and moving supplies, including packing paper and peanuts, boxes, ramps, furniture padding, pallets, and more. We’ll also make sure your items are kept at the appropriate temperature with climate-controlled moving containers.

Tips for Efficient Commercial Moving and Storage

If you need any assistance or advice regarding packing, moving, and storing your company’s property, our team is happy to lend its expertise. The following are just a few basic tips for a successful, efficient moving experience:

  • Keep office supplies and equipment packed separately from various secure documents and personnel records. This will ensure that all important paperwork arrives together and does not end up misplaced or damaged. You should also pack non-essential items first.
  • Make sure that someone from your company contacts the utility companies in your current and future locations to have electricity, water, and gas accounts opened, closed, or updated as needed. You should also let existing vendors and customers know about your new location.
  • If some of your assets will need to be stored before, during, or after the move, let us know. We’ll set you up with secure, climate-controlled storage units that can be delivered directly to your location whenever you need them.

Relocate Inventory and Equipment Safely with Movers from Eastern Van Lines

Our mission is to serve customers across the San Gabriel Valley area as one of the most trusted moving companies in California. We aim to provide businesses with stress-free packing, moving, and storage solutions to suit all their commercial relocation needs. To learn more about how Eastern Van Lines can help you make your upcoming business relocation a successful and simple one, call us today at (626) 969-4292.