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Since 1945, Eastern Van Lines has provided its customers with top-notch residential and commercial moving services. Call today to get a free quote for local or long distance movers in San Gabriel Valley.

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Whether you are settling into a new apartment across town, relocating your business to its new site, or just looking for a place to store your stuff for a while, you can depend on our team of pros to deliver the moving help you want—and at an affordable rate. That’s why we’re one of the leading moving companies in this region.

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At Eastern Van Lines, we recognize that there’s more to local residential and commercial moving than just transferring furniture from one place to another. We provide our San Gabriel Valley customers with personalized service, overseeing the moving process at every stage to ensure that everything gets delivered to the right place on schedule. We listen to our customers so we understand their needs. When you have to get rid of some old equipment, warehouse your valuable inventory, or ship your goods to an international address, call us for the best moving services around.

San Gabriel Valley Moving & Storage Tips

Getting ready to move in San Gabriel Valley? Read some of these great tips to help prepare you for a successful move.

Packing Tip for Moving
To keep your valuables from shifting around during the move, be sure not to leave empty spaces in your boxes. Use packing paper, Styrofoam pellets, or similar material to fill the gaps.

Moving Storage Tip
If you’re putting books in storage, you should stack them on their sides. Leaving them upright could damage their spines over the long term. Also, be aware that books are very heavy, so don’t put too many in one box.

Relocation Tips for Moving
If the move is taking you to another state, you need to get a new car insurance agent, even if your current agency has a nationwide reach. That’s because insurance laws vary by state, and you can’t simply maintain your old policy.

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