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Moving Solutions in San Bernardino

The source for San Bernardino County movers with local and national affordable moving solutions is Eastern Van Lines. Our moving company provides everything from residential to commercial moving, and we deliver world-class customer service. Each member of our San Bernardino County team of movers is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive personalize relocation solutions, and we guarantee your satisfaction in all that we do.

Our San Bernardino Moving Services

Service on Your Schedule

When you partner with Eastern Van Lines, you receive service on your schedule. Our team understands that even local moving can be a hassle, so we take the time to understand your needs. Whether you require assistance for a corporate relocation or you’re moving across town, we’ve got you covered when you need us. Additionally, our commercial customers can take advantage of our warehousing and distribution services to quickly get products and business assets shipped.

San Bernardino County Moving & Storage Tips

Packing Tip

When using packing tape to seal boxes, cover all of the edges, and then criss-cross along the top and bottom of each box. This will provide more strength, especially for heavy items.

Storage Tip

When storing fragile items, make sure you are using a climate-controlled storage unit or container. Eastern Van Lines provides a number of convenient moving and storage solutions for items of all kinds.

Relocation Tip

Always check with your utility companies in both your old and new towns to check for deposit information. Some companies require a deposit while others don’t, and if you paid a deposit, don’t forget to get it back.

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