Packing Tips

At Eastern Van Lines, our team is not only here to help you move, but to make moving hassle-free and stress-free. If you’re looking for packing tips and tricks along with professional moving services in Los Angeles County, you can count on Eastern Van Lines.

Before you start packing all of your items and taping up your boxes, here are some packing tips that you’ll want to follow to make this move the easiest one yet.


Glassware & Ceramics

Improperly packing your glassware or ceramics can end up in the loss of countless cups, dishes, and even family heirlooms. When packing these fragile items, there are some important steps you’ll want to take to protect them.

  • Wrap items individually. Bundle like pieces together in sets of three or four (e.g., you can bundle plates or bowls together).
  • Always put larger items at the bottom of boxes and use balled-up newspaper, towels, or cloth for cushioning between each layer.
  • When packing plates or bowls, place them upside down with the bottoms facing the top of the box.
  • Cups should be packed at the top of the box with the rim down.
  • Don’t nest crystal or glassware as they’re extremely fragile and can break. Package fragile items with extra padding to prevent breaking and cracking.


Household Items

Once you’ve packed all of your dishware and glassware, the next items to tackle are household items.

  • When packing lamps, take the lamp apart and individually wrap the base. Lamp shades and other lamp pieces should also be wrapped separately. Don’t wrap or package lamp shades too tight as they are prone to dents and tears.
  • If you have books to put into boxes, you can pack them upright or flat. It’s best to alternate edge and bound ends for optimal protection. Fragile books with worn covers or pages should be wrapped in newspaper.
  • Large but fragile items such as marble tops, mirrors, glass tops, and pictures should all be individually wrapped to prevent cracking breaking, and chipping. You can pack them with other fragile items, though they’re best protected when put inside of a mirror/picture carton. It’s best to hire a professional moving company to handle these large fragile pieces.
  • Electronics such as laptops, tablets, and other devices should be wrapped and cushioned before being placed into boxes. Larger devices such as a flat screen television or computer tower are best protected if they can be repacked in the original box along with protective styrofoam.



Properly packing your clothes can prevent wrinkles, stains, and other damage during the moving process. Here are tips and tricks to keep your clothes in good shape.

  • Use wardrobe cartons to hang clothing. You can also keep clothing on hangers and cover it with garbage bags with the tie end at the top. This keeps your clothes wrinkle-free.
  • Lighter items such as undergarments, socks, and t-shirts can be kept in a dresser if the dresser is sturdy.
  • Fold like clothing together and pack them in the same boxes. (e.g., put all shirts, jeans, and shorts in the same boxes for easier unpacking).
  • Shoes should be packed separate from clothing to prevent dirt and debris from getting on clothes items.
  • Hats should be packed in hat boxes to prevent damage. If you don’t have hat boxes to use during the move, pack hats in a loosely cushioned box (crushed paper works great for this).


Food Items

If you’re like most movers, you have plenty of miscellaneous items that need to go with you on the move.

  • Dry food such as cereal, pasta, and boxed rice should first have the box openings taped to prevent items from spilling during the move.
  • Canned goods or jars should be packed with plenty of cushion and protection to prevent dents and breakage. Use small book boxes as these items tend to be heavy.
  • Don’t pack perishable or frozen food unless moving a short distance and have an adequate ice chest. These foods need to be kept at the proper temperature to prevent spoilage.

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