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We’re Here to Make Relocating Hassle-Free!

Young Couple Watching Movers Move Boxes From The Moving Van

Stressing over an upcoming move? Unsure how you will be able to move to a new home or relocate your business to a different office building? The bottom line is that moving on your own isn’t easy! It’s stressful, time-consuming, and can even be dangerous. This is why it’s important (and beneficial!) to invest in professional moving help.

Our crew at Eastern Van Lines has provided moving and storage services since 1945. With our decades of experience and continuous growth, we’ve become one of the best moving services in Irvine.

We help with moves both big and small. No matter if you’re moving locally or across state lines, you can count on us for a successful move that comes without stress and worry.


Stress-Free Moving

Packing dozens of boxes with “stuff” is time consuming. Add loading and transporting those boxes into the equation and you’re faced with a situation that not many people can handle on their own! Whether your team has outgrown your existing office building or you’re finally moving into your dream home, you can count on our expert moving help.

As trusted Irvine movers, we offer a wide variety of services for clients of all types. Our team specializes in:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Corporate relocation
  • Industrial
  • Warehousing & distribution

Aside from moving services, you can also depend on Eastern Van Lines as one of the top storage companies serving Irvine. We offer storage units as well as purge bin rentals.


Moving & Storage Tips


Quick Packing Tip

Instead of packing clothes into storage bins, pack them while they’re still hanging. Put the clothes into a garbage bag and tie it at the top. This method makes unpacking much simpler, as all you have to do is remove the bags and hang up your clothes in the new location.


Quick Storage Tip

Dust and dirt have a way of getting into the smallest cracks and crevices. To keep grime off of your items, be sure to only store boxes after they have been properly taped shut. Sealing all containers minimizes the risk of dust and dirt coating your belongings.


Quick Relocation Tip

Even though you’re relocating, mail delivery doesn’t stop! Be sure that you receive all of your mail during and after your move by forwarding your mail to your new address. You can change your mailing address or set up a mail forwarding address on the USPS website. This way you don’t miss any important bills or notices during your move.


Don’t Move Without Our Help

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With the help of our professional furniture movers in Irvine, you can have peace of mind that your items will be moved in a safe, professional, and organized manner. While there are many moving companies to choose from, Eastern Van Lines is one of the best serving Irvine, CA.

Contact us today at (626) 969-4292 to discuss your moving and storage needs.