Los Angeles County Equipment Disposal Services

Equipment Disposal

When it comes to business, you’ll likely find a time when you need to get rid of outdated or unneeded equipment. Our  Los Angeles County equipment disposal services can help remove unwanted equipment or machinery & provide efficient use of your work space.  Whether you run a retail outlet or an industrial facility, we possess the services and tools required to get rid of even the most cumbersome equipment. Discarding unwanted equipment can certainly be a chore, so why bother with it yourself? While you run your business, our disposal service team can handle all of the hard work, and we also offer moving and storage if you need to hold onto some items before deciding what to do with them.

Safe & Efficient Equipment Disposal

Eastern Van Lines values our environment, so we dispose of all of our customers’ equipment safely and efficiently. We don’t just take your unneeded equipment to the local landfill – our moving company examines all possible options for eco-friendly equipment disposal, including recycling, re-purposing, and donating. Our goal is to create a cleaner environment for all, and we ensure that no dangerous chemicals or compounds get into the ground or water sources. Our disposal service team has the resources and tools needed to ensure that we can easily remove even the most cumbersome of assets and equipment and safely dispose of them so that you won’t have to.

Fast Service

Our disposal service team also knows that you need unwanted or outdated items removed quickly so that you can continue to run your business. That’s why our local moving company will arrive on time and remove the equipment in a timely manner. We never want our equipment removal services to interfere with your business, so we’ll also work with you to create a removal schedule that fits your needs. Seven days a week, Eastern Van Lines is available to help you rid your business of unwanted assets that are simply taking up space.

If you have outdated or unneeded items cluttering your business, contact Eastern Van Lines to take advantage of our equipment disposal services today. Locally, you can call 626-969-4292, or you can learn more by calling our national number at 1-800-322-3035.