Los Angeles County Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation

If you’re relocating for your career, our Los Angeles County corporate relocation service can help you with our corporate relocation team that includes expert movers and moving services. Our team works closely with our customers and their employers to create personalized relocation solutions that ensure you and your belongings will arrive on time. We understand that moving for your job means that everything must be handled accurately and quickly. With that in mind, we will go out of our way to ensure prompt service with zero delays. We want both you and your employer to experience the difference that Eastern Van Lines can make.

Corporate Relocation Assistance

We encourage all of our corporate relocation customers to inquire about relocation assistance from their employers. This can generally be accomplished by speaking with your company’s human resources department. In some cases, employers will pay for all travel expenses related to an employee’s relocation, including moving supplies and storage, while in others, a set amount of compensation may be issued prior to the move. No matter what type of assistance plan your employer offers, our movers will be able to create a customized relocation plan that takes into account whatever type of compensation is offered.

Tips for Planning Your Corporate Relocation

  • Keep all employment documents separate from your packed items
  • Research the new route you will be taking to work to avoid delays
  • Create a designated folder that will hold all of your travel receipts
  • Research housing options in the new area

Our Movers

The corporate relocation movers at Eastern Van Lines are some of the best in the industry. We only hire qualified experts who have shown a true dedication to customer satisfaction, and for added peace of mind, we also drug test and background check each employee. Eastern Van Lines wants you to feel comfortable allowing us into your home, and we work hard to earn your business.

Office Moving Solutions

If your entire company is in need of relocation movers, Eastern Van Lines also provides office moving solutions. We can easily relocate commercial properties and assets across the street or across the world, and we do it all at great prices. Our office movers will also work with your company to find ways to keep your business up and running during the relocation process. We never want a move to slow your business down, and our movers will never obstruct your services or your customers.

To learn more about our corporate relocation services, contact Eastern Van Lines by calling 626-969-4292. Additionally, you can reach our movers by calling our national number at 1-800-322-3035.