7 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

What To Ask Your Moving Company

Prior to the big day, it is important to have a list of questions prepared for the company you ultimately choose to help with your move. At Eastern Van Lines, we believe that by asking these questions beforehand, you can ensure fewer surprises after the fact.


  1. Ask For References
    This should never be a big deal to any reputable company. With great services, comes great reviews and they should be happy to supply you with many.
  2. What Is Included? What Is Considered “Extra?”
    How many times have you gotten your bill at a restaurant, only to see a few “extras” thrown in there?  Before you know it, you’ve racked up a few extra bucks for things like extra, add on items and refills.  Well much like that bill, without knowing what is included and what is considered additional fees, you can bet that your bill will come out to something other than what you expected.
  3. Is Your Company Licensed?
    Make sure that your moving company is licensed to transport goods in all states that include your new and old home.
  4. How Do You Prevent Property Damage?
    Costly mistakes, repairs and additional cleaning should not be on your list of To Do’s when moving. Make sure your moving company comes prepared with all of the necessary equipment, tools, and manpower needed to successfully avoid any loss or damage.
  5. And If Something IS Broken?
    By knowing about their insurance plans you can make the right decision as to what keeps you covered and protected.
  6. What Are the Pick Up/ Delivery Dates?
    Nothing is worse than waiting around for an eventual appointment or service time. Solidifying the window for pick up and delivery makes your day more convenient and efficient, on an already jam-packed day.
  7. What Do You Need From Me?
    Finally, if you’ve asked all you can think of to ask, give them the opportunity to ask any questions. By asking them what you can do or what they need from you, you can ensure open communication with your moving company and an effortless day of move.



Preparing yourself for all likely events is almost impossible.  As exciting as moving to a new location or home may be, it is inevitably hectic.  By hiring a great team, such as Eastern Van Lines and asking the right questions, your move just got a little bit easier!