Packing Tips

Eastern Van Lines

Eastern Van Lines agents provide Los Angeles County expert packing tips and moving services. Using proper packing materials helps protect fragile items. We suggest using clean newsprint, like the kind of packing Eastern Van Lines agents provide. We do not recommend using old newspapers instead of clean newsprint; the ink can often rub off and stain glassware, clothing and other household items.

  • Plates, saucers and flat china – Wrap individually and then bundle three or four together. Stand on end in carton, never lay flat. Use larger items as the bottom layer and place crumpled
    newsprint cushioning between each packing layer.
  • Bowls and other odd shaped items should be individually wrapped. Everyday cereal or salad bowls may be nested together after they have been wrapped. Heavier bowls, such as mixing bowls, may be placed near the bottom or middle of the carton; lighter, more delicate bowls should make up the upper packing layers. Place upside down, bottoms facing up.
  • Cups and glasses should be placed near the top, rim down, individually wrapped.
  • Glassware and crystal should always be individually wrapped and place in the top layer. Never nest one piece inside the other. For particularly fragile pieces, packing and cushioning in smaller separate cartons is best. Place the smaller carton inside the larger one with generous newsprint cushioning.
  • Books can be packed flat or upright with open edges and bound ends alternating. For books with fragile covers, wrap first in newsprint.
  • Clothing can be placed hanging in wardrobe cartons. Some clothing may stay in dressers, if the dresser is sturdy, but don’t overload drawers. Other folded clothing may be placed in medium cartons.
  • Food such as boxed dry foods should be packed in medium cartons with openings taped shut to prevent spillage. Jars or canned goods should be packed in book cartons. Make sure jars are wrapped and cushioned with newsprint. Never pack or move perishable or frozen foods.
  • Hats can be packed in a larger carton if they are in hat boxes. If not, loosely stuff with crushed paper and packing in the smallest carton available.
  • Lamp bases should be wrapped, cushioned and placed in dish packing cartons. Lamp shades should be individually packed in appropriately sized cartons. Do not overstuff cartons with too much newsprint. Shades can dent easily. Cushion loosely.
  • Dried Flowers should be packed alone in the appropriately sized carton and loosely cushioned with crumpled newsprint. Live plants cannot be transported aboard the moving van.
  • Computers, CD players, radios and other electronics should be carefully wrapped and cushioned, then placed in medium or large cartons. Larger electronic pieces, such as television sets, computer monitors and entertainment systems will be padded by your driver and moved as furniture. If possible, computer equipment (monitors, towers and keyboards) should be repacked in their original cartons to provide maximum protection.
  • Mirrors, marble tops, glass tops and pictures should be packed in mirror/picture cartons unless they are small enough to be individually wrapped and placed with other fragile items in larger cartons. When placing in other cartons, place on edge — not flat. Large marble or glass table tops often require a special crate and professional handling. The weight makes these items impractical to be packed in a corrugated carton.

Contact Eastern Van Lines to learn more packing tips, or to find out how we can make your next move easier. Locally, you can dial 626-969-4292, or nationally, we can be reached at 1-877-670-1333.